Resharper Snippets for Calculator Kata

So after reviewing a few peoples code I thought I’d upload a video on how to create resharper snippets, and in particular the ones I use for the calculator kata. It’s my first video so be kind, this is about the 4th take…

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Learning the Powers of TDD and much more

As Some of you may already know was lucky enough to win a place at Roy Osherove’s TDD Master class. I had a fantastic time and although the learning curve I experienced was steep the topic could not have been taught in a better manner. I had jotted down a brief overview of each day’s events and thought I do a brief run through.

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Going ‘KATAtonic’

“KATAtonic” a term I picked up from Roy Osherove whilst attending his 5 day TDD course. On completion of the course one of the things that is now to become part of my daily task list is to complete as much of the decided Kata as possible in 30 minutes.

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