Prog .Net Tutorials 2011 – What questions do you have?

As some of you may know I recently won myself a ticket to Prog .Net tutorials. AWESOME! Anyway I thought I’d break down the sessions that I’m going to and you can let me know if there’s anything you would like to ask or be brought up in these sessions and I’ll do my best do get your questions and issues resolved!  (comment here or email me)

Here’s what I think I’ll be attending over the three days:

Solving the Packaging Puzzle with Ian Copper & Sebastien Lambla
This session revolves around the “patterns and practices of package management”. They’ll be talking about Common Closure and Reuse Equivalencey, afferent and efferent coupling, and what main sequence diagrams show us.
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Front-end Tips for Back-end Devs with Dylan Bettie
Dylan will be talking about keeping things DRY in the UI, covering HTML, CSS and Javascript. We are promised an insight into:

  • How to isolate your websites’ look and feel in an installable package, so you can install CSS and UI updates using dependency managers like Nuget and Openwrap How to keep your Jav
  • How to keep your styles manageable by turning your CSS inside-out and keeping things DRY
  • ascript clean by using templating, data-binding, jQuery plugins and name-spaces
  • How to use CSS media queries to target multiple devices with a single code-base
  • Using CSS sprites and content-delivery networks to keep your pages fast and responsive

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Load Testing for Developers with Simon Brown
I picked this because this year is my final degree year (yipee) and I have a module called “Advanced Server Systems” don’t ask me what that entails… I don’t know…… but I’m sure this will be included. Here’s what I should expect to get out of it:

  • What load testing is all about
  • How to implement a load testing script using the free and open source Apache JMeter tool.
  • How to run a load test and monitor the environment (the load testing client and your website server environment).
  • How to process, analyse and present the results.

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Continuous Integration to Continuous Delivery with Paul Stack
I’m not to bad on the CI side of things but I’m hoping to get some little nuggets of useful information from Paul on Continuous Delivery. Here’s what we should be getting from the session:

  • Why CI is a good practice for software development
  • Basics of CI
  • Automation of build, testing and deployment
  • How a good version control strategy ensures a reliable system
  • How to implement zero-downtime deploys (… and rollback – if something goes wrong!)
  • Simple techniques for the verification of application health that can make the automation more robust

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Async Methods in C# 5 with Jon Skeet
I’ve only recently starting doing a lot of work with asynchrony so this session really appealed to me. I’ve seen a few of Jon’s presentations before and always find him to be particularlly good at explaining things. His session will cover the why, what and how of C# 5′s asynchronous methods.
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Introduction to Nancy and Simple.Data with Mark Rendle & Steven Robbins
I’ve not looked much at Nancy or Simple.Data making this session something fairly new to me, I did hear a little bit about them on .Net rocks but haven’t had time to fully investigate. The session promises to cover the basics (excellent, I should be okay then!) and get us developing our own app by the end! I’ll be sure to let you know how that goes ;) .
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So now you’ve seen what I’m going to, do any of sessions interest you? Would you like me to go armed with your questions? Feel free to leave a comment or ping me personally.

Sara :)

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