Adding File Templates to the R# Quick Access Menu

Hi all, it’s been a while…okay ages! I’ve got a whole backlog of posts that I want to do but this one came up recently and I thought I’d share it. So you know the great R# shortcut Alt + insert that allows you to quickly insert a class or interface etc. Well recently, in conversation, the question was raised “Why can’t we have a custom file template for things like test classes in the quick access menu?”…….well you can! Hooray!

It’s only very slightly different to the way you do the live templates I showed in another post here. I have also uploaded some templates (Live Templates and File Templates) that you guys can import (here’s a guide on importing the files) and then you can pick and choose between which ones suit. They are mainly templates for test methods and test classes in both nUnit and MSTest. Quick warning, ┬áIt sounds like I like to hit the keyboard pretty hard when I’m doing a video cast…sorry.

Adding File Templates to the R# Quick Access List from Sara on Vimeo.

Let me know if you have any questions,

Sara :)

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