Pair Programming Presentation at LDNUG

This post is just over a month late (Sorry :( ) but I have been busy starting a new job and getting my coursework done so I hope you will understand. Anyway last month I co-presented my first presentation to members of the London Dot Net User Group at an Open mic night. The presentation was titled “Pair programming: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” slide show found here.

It all started when the organiser of the event Toby Henderson asked if Rachel Laycock and I would mind presenting at the event. We were a little hesitant to started but then jumped at the chance to improve our presentation skills. Rachel and I decided to go with pair programming as it something we both believe in and have on a number of occasions popped round to each others house to pair on something we don’t do at work.

We came up with the idea of doing “sketches” to illustrate the different types of pair programming people may come across as we felt this would be a great way too keep the audience interested and amused. After coming up with the idea for our presentation we came across this presentation at Oredev which is an extended version of our 15 minute presentation. This gave us the push we needed to realise that it wouldn’t be SO bad to unleash our acting skills upon the innocent audience! After a few niggles with the laptop (note to self: remember the VGA adapter so you don’t have to email your presentation to someone else’s laptop!), we got things up and running and began. We loved it and would thoroughly encourage other techies to get out there and start presenting! We got some great feedback and were even labelled “stars of the show”.

Since then we’ve been looking for other user groups to take our presentation to, if you need some speakers we’d love to come along and talk for a bit longer this time. Just drop me an email or leave a comment.

The other great speakers of the evening were:

James Knowles – “Three years of running a Tiny software company.. All my mistakes..”

Matt Lacey – “Cross platform mobile app development”

Robin Minto – “HTML5 basics”

Garry Shutler – “Introduction to Sass”

Open mic nights are fantastic and I really urge new speakers to give it a try. I’d like to give a big thank you to Toby for organising the event he posted speaker details here and also to EMC and Michelle Flynn for hosting.

S :)

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