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A few weeks ago my colleague @duncanbutler and I presented an information forum on Testing.  It went down incredibly well and we have seen an large increase in interest in the topic, which in my opinion is half the battle!

I’ll  do a brief run through of how we presented the talk and you are welcome to download the powerpoint slides if you would like to present it to other groups. Feel free to edit them to suit.

Testing is a huge topic to cover so don’t expect to cover everything in one session. We decided to outline the 3 main subsections of testing, Regression, Integration and Unit Testing. We focused largely on Regression testing for this session as we had noticed that this was of more interest to people. At this stage we felt it was more about getting people interested and listening to the concept rather than dictating how testing procedures should be followed.

Our first aim was to outline how important testing was with a “Cost of a bug graph” (The stats for this graph were taken from Roy Osheroves – Art of Unit Testing). The stats were based on two teams of the same size and roughly the same skill set. The y axis depicts days and the x axis depicts stages of development. Obvious as the days increase so does the cost of the project.

cost of a bug

We demonstrated the aches and pains of manual regression testing by asking a member of the audience to carry out a simple manual test. Even when reading the test processes from a test plan we were able to demonstrate human error and the amount of time a manual test takes.  Duncan then ran a pre-coded batch file that executed the automated test. This created lots of “‘oooooo’s” as a browser opened up and the same test that was completed manually only minutes beforehand was then completed in a fraction of the time. The framework we used to create these tests is from WebAii, it is supported by Telerik and free.

Next was a demo of the code we wrote to create these automated tests. I think the framework is pretty easy to work with, it sometimes becomes a pain to select page controls if they have no defining  attributes but there are a number of ways you can find controls on a page.  The only stumbling block we have yet to work out is the Captcha, so if anyone knows how to get around this using Webii we would be most grateful!

We then showed a demo of how to use the WebAii design canvas. This would allow for QA to create the regression tests themselves. The design canvas is very easy to work with and just sits inside of visual studio. You can get a free trial here.

To wrap things up we did a rough introduction to TDD. As part of this introduction I did the Calculator Kata to give a visual implementation of TDD.

If you would like to have a look at the presentation you can download it here: in pptx or ppt . There are also notes with the slides that should explain each slide a little more indepth.

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  1. Jackson Mondesir Says:

    It is much simpler to post about things that went better, or looked good on the outside. When we flipped to Extreme Programming a few ages ago, we made serious errors presuming that automated testing was enough, and shipped some sorry releases. We learned to a greater extent about testing (and how to improve it) from those deplorable releases than from the following satisfactory releases.

    Posted on February 22nd, 2010 at 20:38

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