IO-U a Google Post-mortem

Tweet I know this is late…. 3 months late :S but I recently did a write up for our internal magazine about the main points I picked up from Google IO, so I thought I’d share it with you guys. In June I was fortunate enough to be sent to Google IO in San Francisco. […]

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Cloud Computing, the Semantic Web and the Future of Database Technology – Specialised databases series – Part 5

Tweet In the final part of the specialised database series we look at how Cloud computing and the Sematic Web will effect the future of database technologies. ( (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) There will be reference to appendix, these can be found in the full text here. “Internet based technologies are likely to […]

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Temporal databases – Specialised databases series – Part 4

Tweet For the penultimate part of the specialised database series we look at Temporal databases ( (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) Temporal databases are concerned with storing data relating to time instances. It provides temporal data times and stores data relating to past, present and future time. There are a number of examples of applications where […]

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Spatial databases – Specialised databases series – Part 3

Tweet Spatial Database System Put simply spatial databases are concerned with storing data in relation to space. Güting describes a spatial database as one that supports spatial data types in its data model. It provides a query language and at the minimum spatial indexing and spatial join methods. He goes on to state, “Spatial database […]

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Parallel databases – Specialised databases series – Part 2

Tweet Continuing in the specialised database series we move on to Parallel databases (Part 1 was Deductive Databases) Moving away from a centralised database management system, parallel databases are designed to provide a huge increase in performance through parallel command execution.  In line with this Ramakrishnan & Gehrke recount that although data may be stored […]

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Deductive databases – Specialised databases series – Part 1

Tweet It’s been forever since I blogged! I’ve been working hard and studying a lot (my final year) so it’s been pretty tough. Through this though I have been studying about specialised databases and their roles in today’s world.Rather than let all my hard research work go to waste I’ve decided to do a series of blog posts on […]

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Adding File Templates to the R# Quick Access Menu

Tweet Hi all, it’s been a while…okay ages! I’ve got a whole backlog of posts that I want to do but this one came up recently and I thought I’d share it. So you know the great R# shortcut Alt + insert that allows you to quickly insert a class or interface etc. Well recently, […]

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Download Resharper Templates and How to Import Them

Tweet In light of another post I have done “Adding File Templates to the R# Quick Access Menu” I decided to make available some of the templates I have for others to use. Now I can’t just hand them over and expect you to know how to import them so here’s a guide.

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Using MEF with Castle Windsor

Tweet It’s been a while since I last posted but that’s because I’ve been really busy completing year 4 of my degree (only 2 more to go!) and starting a new job! Anyway I finally got around to posting some of the new stuff I’ve been learning and for this instalment I’ve created a video cast on […]

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Presenting a Testing Information Forum

Tweet A few weeks ago my colleague @duncanbutler and I presented an information forum on Testing.  It went down incredibly well and we have seen an large increase in interest in the topic, which in my opinion is half the battle! I’ll  do a brief run through of how we presented the talk and you are welcome to download the powerpoint slides if […]

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