Cloud Computing, the Semantic Web and the Future of Database Technology – Specialised databases series – Part 5

Tweet In the final part of the specialised database series we look at how Cloud computing and the Sematic Web will effect the future of database technologies. ( (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) There will be reference to appendix, these can be found in the full text here. “Internet based technologies are likely to […]

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Juniors – Feeling like you’re just no good?

This post if for those who feel that they are lacking in confidence or know someone that is. It’s designed to empathise and motivate and to suggest some possible confidence boosters if you’re ever feeling like you’re not quite good enough.

This isn’t just for you, it’s for me too – a little pick-me-up and reminder of what I need to be doing to get my confidence back on track if my reserves are a bit low. It’s not going to apply to everyone, some people are confident all of the time. Much as my last post – this is me and my experiences as a junior however after discussing it with friends of mine I know there are others that battle with some of the same issues. So I’ve made a list of a few common confidence knockers that you may identify with and some confidence boosters I try to employ that may help.

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Mentoring Juniors – A Juniors view

I’ve decided to write this post mainly to remind myself in a few years time of what it’s like to be a junior and how I felt I was best taught, the problems I faced and how I was helped to overcome them. I’m also hoping it will help to give others a guide of how to deal with Juniors and to maybe give other juniors a post they can identify with and to leave them feeling that they are not alone in the issues they are facing.

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Why YOU should blog

Tweet A Blog: “A personal or corporate website in the form of an online journal” I recently wrote a post for the blog I contribute to at work called “What’s the point of blogs and blogging?” it highlighted a number of things, a few of which were company specific but a number of points could […]

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Women in High Level Management – Few Opportunities?

There are few opportunities for women to progress to the highest levels in IT Management. True or false?

This was the question I decided to pose, after much delibertation with my tutor, as the focal point for a 3000 word research report I had to complete for one of my year 3 degree modules. Full report here..

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The Perception of IT, What can we do to Change it?

Tweet So who frequently get’s the digs from their non techy friends about being a ‘geek’? I do all the time, of course it’s a joke but it always made me think, why is ‘geek’ seen as a bad thing? I’ve never seen it that way, you just have to look at the likes of […]

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What makes the beginnings of a good developer? Passion or Qualifications?

On the back of a previous post “Promoting IT as profession”, some of the responses provoked me to ask this question. I don’t mean it in the sense of what methods they apply to their programming. I mean do you need some form of education in the field or can passion and a thirst for knowledge make you a great developer?

Imagine you had 2 people for interview for a Junior position

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String @MissXXX = "Please don’t follow me"

This evening whilst checking my emails I came across two that were from twitter each informing me of new followers. Now I am always pleased to receive a follower as to me it symbolises that this person has chosen to follow you because they feel that you have something valuable and interesting to say and you are worth them requesting what is essentially a live update of your advice, interests and questions. It’s the reason I follow the people I do, it’s me saying “I think what you have to post is helpful and interesting and thank you for your taking time in your day to post it”.

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Promoting IT as a ‘Profession’

I recently posted a blog at work on Promoting IT as ‘Profession’ asking what my colleagues views were and what they thought could be done. This was all in aid of some research I’ve been doing into the topic to try and find out where I stand on this. Anyway it sparked a huge amount of interest and had people posting large bodies of text saturated with contrasting views and opinions. So I thought I’d blog about it here and pose all the questions I had after reading my colleagues posts and see what you had to say about it.

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