Cloud Computing, the Semantic Web and the Future of Database Technology – Specialised databases series – Part 5

Tweet In the final part of the specialised database series we look at how Cloud computing and the Sematic Web will effect the future of database technologies. ( (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) There will be reference to appendix, these can be found in the full text here. “Internet based technologies are likely to […]

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Spatial databases – Specialised databases series – Part 3

Tweet Spatial Database System Put simply spatial databases are concerned with storing data in relation to space. Güting describes a spatial database as one that supports spatial data types in its data model. It provides a query language and at the minimum spatial indexing and spatial join methods. He goes on to state, “Spatial database […]

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Parallel databases – Specialised databases series – Part 2

Tweet Continuing in the specialised database series we move on to Parallel databases (Part 1 was Deductive Databases) Moving away from a centralised database management system, parallel databases are designed to provide a huge increase in performance through parallel command execution.  In line with this Ramakrishnan & Gehrke recount that although data may be stored […]

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Deductive databases – Specialised databases series – Part 1

Tweet It’s been forever since I blogged! I’ve been working hard and studying a lot (my final year) so it’s been pretty tough. Through this though I have been studying about specialised databases and their roles in today’s world.Rather than let all my hard research work go to waste I’ve decided to do a series of blog posts on […]

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Women in High Level Management – Few Opportunities?

There are few opportunities for women to progress to the highest levels in IT Management. True or false?

This was the question I decided to pose, after much delibertation with my tutor, as the focal point for a 3000 word research report I had to complete for one of my year 3 degree modules. Full report here..

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